Sunday, June 7, 2020

Tad - Salem

Label: Sub Pop
Year: 1992

There is a three song 12" version of this ep, but I only own the two song 7" version. Sorry?

Did I ever tell the story of having a new kid move to town while I was in middle school, and we played soccer together and became buddies? He had a fucking righteous Samantha Fox poster on his bedroom wall. He had moved from Los Angeles and had apparently lived near Kirk Cameron, who he reported would ride his bicycle around the neighborhood with his pet snake around his neck. But those weren't the important details. The important part of the story is when he found out I was really into music, and he said, "my uncle is in a band, they are pretty much like what you listen to. His name is Tad Doyle, the band is Tad". This was in maybe I guess I was a freshman in high school at this point. Doesn't matter though.
The Samantha Fox poster remained the coolest thing about my buddy Shad Doyle, but finding out his uncle was Tad Doyle was a close second.


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