Sunday, June 28, 2020

My Rifle - Fall On Your Sword

Label: Wardance
Year: 2011

Honk if you love Life's Blood with everything in you.
My Rifle came to my attention because the vocals are from Jason O'Toole, formerly of Life's Blood, who, in my opinionated opinion, are pound for pound the best hardcore band to ever come out of the fertile gutters of New York City. That's my opinion, but I'm also right.
My Rifle would be a "supergroup" to me, maybe you, and about 7500 other humans on Earth. To the vast majority of folks on this planet, I assure you the co-joining of this particular assemblage of dudes means less than nothing. But...I mean...fuck most people. Right?
So, as I said, you get Jason O'Toole on vocals, from Life's Blood, Factory, Scene Crime, Herr Lounge Corps, and as legend would have it, a brief stint as a cop in Conyers, GA. You also get Andy Guida on drums, from Supertouch, Absolution, Altercation, One Sided War, Running Like Thieves, Still Born, While We Wait, The Mistaken, Real, and others. On guitar is Hobi Klapuri who was in Our Gang, Hell No, Serpico, and Sleeper. Then on bass there's Lewis Dimmick who you will remember from Our Gang, True Colors, Sleeper, Serpico, and Gutwrench.
And if those names and bands mean nothing, you certainly won't be impressed by the Sean Taggert cover art. 


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Ape Mummy said...

Yet again, you turn me onto something I love that I hadn't previously heard of, Gray. Salud!

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