Wednesday, February 27, 2019

V/A - Triad

Label: Neurot
Year: 2006

Three bands, with two songs apiece, it's on Neurot, from 2006, and you're dealing with musicians who like to stretch out and get weird. Post hardcore, space rock, post-Neurosis, post-Swans kind of weird. Expansive and creepy and sometimes peaceful but at other times abrasive. Right?
The bands are:
Red Sparowes - members of Mustard Gas & Roses, Neurosis, A Storm Of Light, Blood & Time, Battle Of Mice (hey! wait a minute...), Isis, The Gersch, Palms, Windmills By The Ocean, Angel Hair, Slaves, The VSS, Pleasure Forever, and a bunch more. They are big, sprawling, instrumental post-metal that shows its Isis roots.

Battle Of Mice - members of Made Out Of Babies (what the?!), Red Sparowes (c'mon now...), Glazed Baby, Chilmark, Shiner, Book Of Knots, J.J. Paradise Players Club, Red Krayola, Pere Ubu, and again, and million more. Julie Christmas fronted sneak and lurch post metal that fit right in to this particular time and place in the music world.

Made Out Of Babies - members of...well, a lot of the same, but add in Unsane and Bad Powers, and that'll about cover it. Another Julie Christmas lead joint, and this time less Neurosis and more noise rock. My personal favorite of the three bands represented. If that does anything for you.


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