Monday, October 8, 2018

Logh - The Contractor and The Assassin

Label: Bad Taste
Year: 2003

Following up on that Mogwai post down there (i'm pointing with my index finger towards the floor [of my house]), here's another European post-rock early Nineties release for you to have on in the background as you prepare your family a hearty and delicious One Pot Vegan White Bean Shakshuka (here's the's delicious, but I would recommend adjusting the spice to taste, i.e. adding more), or decompress from a day at the office and contemplate a crisp glass of the local lager of your choice (just kidding, I meant to say "as you shotgun your third Coors Light of the evening").
Difference between this band and Mogwai is that Logh incorporates more vocals, and does not punctuate their song dynamics with the "big riff". Instead, they opt for a more organically composed slow build that gets to "indie rock speed" and settles in. Sometimes it simmers and takes on a slow shimmering expansive tremolo, but mostly it ebbs and flows in a natural sense.
The first track has a very Retribution Gospel Choir feel to it. If that means anything to you.
Other bands you may or may not hear in the mix are; Aereogramme, Explosions In The Sky, Tortoise, and the aforementioned Mogwai.
One member spent time in heavy duty crushers Cult Of Luna, which is how they originally came across my radar.


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