Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Useless Children - Skin

Label: Criminal IQ
Year: 2010

Why would you ever turn something down when the option to turn it up is on the table? Useless Children have never meet a volume knob they didn't turn as far clockwise as possible (real question: Useless Children are from Australia which is, by all accounts, "down under" on the opposite of the world from where I am [I can't speak for your street address, nor would I dare run the risk of offending you by doing such a think], and besides being a continent stocked with every classification of man-eating animal species known to man [AND Crocodile Dundee!], from what I understand the laws of physics get all kind of topsy turvy, with toilets flushing backwards, and sticks you throw that return to your hand, and some version of football that appears to consist entirely of punting...it's wild! So the question is - do volume controls operate in the same manner as I am accustomed to in the Northern Hemisphere [of Earth...not some dumbass other rinky-dink celestial bullshit]? Does an Australian Boss HM-2 pedal require a counterclockwise motion of the wrist to achieve max overdrive sludge?), and we appreciate that about them.



Anonymous said...

It's all in the water...

Pete in PDX said...


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