Friday, August 3, 2018

The Last Crime - 2

Label: Sunken Temple
Year: 2018

Chalk this one up to eagle eyed SGM cub reporter Phil-Fay-Fock, working out of the Athens, Georgia bureau, as he hipped me to this one earlier this week. And we (royal we) thank him for his service.

From what I can gather the two songs here were recorded with J Robbins for a follow-up to their 1997 self titled 10" ep, but the band broke up, and the songs were shelved. Until now, when they have been remastered and released on cassette (ugh) in an edition of 100. Which we should all be thankful for,  as these two jams are spot-on jamming jammers. They continue and improve upon the band's post-hardcore previous output with a bigger, more fleshed out sound. Still paying homage to DC circa 1989, still picking up elements of Drive Like Jehu, June of 44,  and singer/guitarist Kevin Egan's former band 1.6 Band. Super good. And you get your money's worth, both songs are long, over 6 minutes apiece. What more do you want?

I think you will like it. Phil did. I did.



bozo skeleton said...

Great stuff, just purchased it. Thanks!

Adam P said...

This band was sorely underrated. That 10-inch was amazing and I've had these 2 tracks on the b-side of a cassette with Dawn In Bathos on the flipside (post LC band) without any info on them at all (maybe given to me by someone in the band or the label). Awesome to see them get an official release after all this time. thanks for the tip!

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