Monday, June 11, 2018

Today Is The Day - Blue Blood

Label: Rage Of Achilles
Year: 2002

You happen to catch Today Is The Day at O'cayz Corral in Madison, Wisconsin back in 1998 when they were touring on Temple of The Morning Star with Unsane?
Chances are, the answer is "no", right?
I would say "too bad", except that the entire set was recorded, and Steve Austin went back and mastered it in 2002, and Rage Of Achilles went ahead and put it out, and now you can pretend like you were there. Just turn it up to an era splitting volume, have someone rain flecks of spit and esophagus lining at you, and for added authenticity, maybe pay a couple buddies to smoke and chit chat between songs.

This version of 'Hermaphrodite' is nuts, and 'The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself' is particularly disturbing.



julius orange said...

siiiiiick. never heard this before so i'm looking forward to this. i did not see this tour but i did see TITD on the Willpower tour. yeah i'm old. it was like a tuesday night or somethign in some tiny club in Connecticut with about 10 people there. Austin came up to me after the show and shook my hand and said thanks for coming. pretty fucking rad.

telabs said...

I'm so glad this blog still exists.

I saw them when they were touring Willpower, with Zeni Geva. I'm real old.

Anonymous said...

Think they played east coast with Eyehategod, and Killgore Smudge, at least when they played Boston....

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