Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Turin Horse - The Turin Horse

Label: Hell Comes Home
Year: 2018

Three songs, (two originals, one cover) recorded in Turin (saw that coming) by two guys, two years ago in 2016, finally seeing the light of day two months ago in 2018.
Maybe you already heard the aforementioned cover song on the Unsane tribute album, "Scattered, Covered, and Smothered" that came out last year? I did not. But generally I expect more from you, than you should expect from me. Aim low.
So what do these Italian Stallions (I mean, come on...you had to of known I was winding up on that) bring to the table?
Great question, glad you asked.
Were you ever a fan of the band Volt? Cause there's a lot of that band's overdriven manic muscle in Turin Horse. And have you listened to KEN Mode lately? Cause there's some of that band's bludgeoning scatter shot of bombardment. I would also like to inquire if you own any records by Great Falls? Cause that band's gut churning avalanche-rock can be heard in Turin Horse.

Only three songs, but hear me know and believe me later, the final track 'The Light That Failed' is all you need to listen to today (and possibly tomorrow...I don't know if you have any meetings scheduled or not, but I'll let you decide if your conference call is prepared for Turin Horse). Highly, highly recommended.


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