Thursday, March 29, 2018

Samhain - Live - Minneapolis, 04.12.86

Label: bootleg
Year: 1986

Legitimate question: is there a "cooler" band than Samhain?
The whole thing. Musically, visually, historically, or in terms of mystery?

I'll answer: no. No, there really isn't. You can come up with a thousand memes of Glenn Danzig carrying cat litter to his car, or recount stories of him getting cold cocked by a meathead backstage...but you can't top Samhain, and how diabolically brilliant they were. It just won't happen.

So, please bask in the black light of this rampaging live set from 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis from 1986, that has the band raiding their entire discography , save 'Final Descent'. It's not pristine, but I've yet to hear any Samhain live recording that is (if you got one, holla atcha boy). This one does the trick just fine.

Dark aspect,
The breed divine.
Knee deep,
The blood of swine.



Anonymous said...

The answer is no. MUFC against MC today. I hope you still respect the Red Devils even with Jose at the helm. I don't care for it but Lulu is quite good as are the rest side from Smalling and Jones. Best to Zlatan ,Miki, and Gray.

Gray said...

GGMU always! Jose or not.
Hoping beyond hope that they play spoiler today and deny City for at least one more week.

Watched Rooney get subbed out of the Everton v Liverpool game this morning and glower at Big Sam for the remaining hour. It was heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, right on! 3-2 at MC was nice!

Anonymous said...

the link is dead, can you please re-upload? Thank you

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