Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Fight Amp - Keystone Noise Series #4

Year: 2015
Label: Reptilian

Two quick jams, and unfortunately some of the last quick jams that Fight Amp imparted onto the lucky listeners of the world. Fight Amp was a great band who operated on the burlier end of the noise rock spectrum, combining sludgy aggression with some post hardcore grunge rocking and rolling. At a high volume and with scant few concerns about your well being.
If you're still smarting from Fight Amp's break-up, you should absolutely be getting weird with Plaque Marks, which has two members of the band. And are righteous in their own right.
If you're curious who numbers 1 through 3 are of the Keystone Noise Series, they are, in order, Faking (Philadelphia), The Cloth (also Philadelphia), and Psychic Teens (take a guess).


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