Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Black Heart Procession - 1

Label: Headhunter
Year: 1998

One of the best shows I ever saw was The Black Heart Procession at the Casbah in San Diego. Full on, low lights, black jackets, sunglasses, creepy as fuck, and more powerful than most bands can muster. All with piano, guitar, vocals and the occasional drum and bass. Intensely captivating and moving in a way that I've seldom felt.
For when you're feeling bad after murdering your (ex)roomate.
The band is Pall Jenkins (Three Mile Pilot, Ugly Casanova, Blacksoulwater) and Tobias Nathaniel (Struggle, Three Mile Pilot, A Day Called Zero), and on this album they are assisted by friends, Mario Rubalcaba (OFF!, Hot Snakes, 411, Metroschiffter, Thingy, Rocket From The Crypt, Sea Of Tombs, Earthless, Clikatat Ikatowi, and million others), Ryan Hadlock, and Jen Wood (The Postal Service).


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