Monday, March 13, 2017

V/A - From Twisted Minds Come

Label: Noiseville
Year: 1990

Label sampler that featured exclusive tracks (to my knowledge...which is always suspect, and only correct 30-40% of the time). Outsider music for those on the outside of pretty much anything that anybody else likes.

Action Swingers - blown out to the max rock damage (featuring an impressive cast of "ex-members, as well as being notoriously litigious about their music being posted on low rent music blogs [we shall see how long this one lasts])
Unholy Swill - you wanted to hear an SST sludge version of Ice T's "Colors", right? (featuring ex-Breakdown, Killing Time, Raw Deal's Rich McLoughlin, and label boss Jim Gibson [who was one half of Blackout Records when they put out NYHC Where The Wild Things Are compilation])
Bench - very 90's trudging ugly grunge thud.
Bootbeast - probably a "had to have been there" kinda band. Sort of a alternative metal thing that doesn't usually bode well. (featuring Mike Doskocil of Drunks With Guns, Bullets For Pussy)
Surgery - a live, warped, drenched in feedback, version of "Knockin On Heavens Door". Why not?
Bullets For Pussy - find a riff and drive that fucker straight for up the gut. (featuring the aforementioned Mike Doskocil, as well as Malcolm Bliss, also of Drunks With Guns)
Pocket Fishrmen (sic) - texas weird, you know? Catchy, but ultimately fucked up.
ST-37 - continuing the texan freakout train, this one rattles down the tracks in a psychedelic haze of punk punch that never settles in.
Coz The Shroom - tense and jittery punk, also originating from the sunburned bar-b-que badlands of Texas.(Lisa Suckdog collaborator, and self proclaimed "first punk in Alamo").
Jarmed Enecy - your basic "freeform poetry over bleep-blorp nerd-noise"...I mean, you've heard this a million times I'm certain. Plus, added bonus, the ole lock groove trick at the end to prolong the...pleasure?


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