Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Castles - You, The Organ Grinder

Label: Eyeofsound
Year: 2012

Belgian/English band who take a mathcore idea (or whole lot of ideas) and run it through a Big Business meat grinder of heavy rocking (you may recall Big Brother from such posts as yesterday's). Leans more Botch than Big Business mind you, but it's important to note the influence (whether real or imagined by me) as it helps distinguish this record from a smoldering heap of old Escape Artist albums.
Tempos change and riffs fly in and out of the window, but the underlying current is one of muscular heft. I'm a sucker for big muscles. So sexy.
If you remember the band Capricorns, then this record will feel the strong embrace of a man's muscular arms around your body...pulling you close...keeping you warm and safe...


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