Friday, August 7, 2015

Bl'ast! - For Those Who've Graced The Fire

Label: Rise
Year: 2015

Wait, what?!
NEW Bl'ast! and Nick Oliveri is in the band? And they have both Chuck Dukowski and Dave Grohl playing on this 7"?
What's the down side?



Anonymous said...

Absolutely no down side. In fact there's even better news. EPL football starts today! Sad to see Di Maria and RvP go, curious to see what DePay brings. I think Mata and Januzaj will improve. The only downsides to me are Smalling and Jones. Not their work rate or desire, they just seem outclassed most of the time. I am an armchair expert after all. Go Red Devils!

Gray said...

I'm excited to see how United has retooled over the summer...shed some dead weight. Not sure what to think about DeGea not starting, LvG says he's "not fit", which sounds like code for "he really wants to be in Madrid but the deal fell through so now I'm punishing him". Also Schweinsteiger isn't starting, and he's the new player I am most excited about...he's a fucking machine! The more German players the better.

Just hoping Rooney comes out firing and solidifies his position of top striker after having to compete with all the other scorers (most of whom didn't work out) van Gaal had inexplicably brought in.

Oh, and hoping the back line no longer sucks ass.

Glory glory Man United!

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