Friday, July 31, 2015

Putiferio - Ate Ate Ate

Label: Robot Radio
Year: 2008

Our Italian Bureau comes correct with another recommendation, this time the band Putiferio from...well....Italy. Padova to be exact.
We were sent their latest record, which is a relative term because it came out in 2012, but upon further listening, I like this one, their first one, better. It's got a bit more dirt under the fingernails, you know? It's seven songs, the first three aggressively building towards the album's centerpiece, the 13 minute "Putiferio Goes To War" which is an amalgamation of electronic music, off-the-wall grindy noisey, ambient soundscapes, and big hooky noise rock. Takes an investment to get through but I think you'll enjoy the fruits of your labor. The record then ends as it began, with three more tracks, one of which plays off the mellow electronic elements mentioned prior, the other two get back to the (more successful in my opinion) off-kilter noise rock attacks, albeit with detours into strange (interesting) territory.
I'm digging this one. Dig it.


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