Monday, May 4, 2015

Craw - Kickstarter Campaign mkII

My unabashed love for Craw supersedes my general disdain for Kickstarter campaigns. My unabashed love for Craw also supersedes my general disdain (and confusing web of mixed emotions) for nostalgia cash-ins.

Craw is easily, far and away the best band that "not enough people heard of", and how that happened is a mystery to me. But maybe their allure was part and parcel to their low profile? Partially anyway?

If you like music that is loud and satisfying and complex and dense and heavy and intense and unsettling and wholly original, then there is no way that you do not, or will not like Craw. It's just that simple.

So, here is a chance to have the first three Craw records re-released with all the requisite ephemera that goes with it these days. They deserve it. You probably deserve it.

Check into it.



Hank said...

Thanks for your support, SGM! Just letting you know that we've exceeded our goal: The Craw box set will come out later this year on Northern Spy. Still accepting Kickstarter preorders through 6/2!

Gray said...

Congrats to you and Craw and the team behind this initiative. Craw really does deserve their day in the sun.

Hupictz said...

Will we get the lossless MP3's as a download before the records ship out, or will the records come with a download code?

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