Friday, May 22, 2015

Bull - Gordon Zone

Label: Homestead
Year: 1993

Mike Meadows of Shiny Beast plays drums and bass on this one (albeit not simultaneously one must assume), and if you are a fan of Shiny Beast's sort of lumberjack thud, then you should do ok here too. It's not as Melvins-y as Shiny Beast, but it definitely has the same reference points Shiny Beast did. Lots of starts and stops where the guitar just feedbacks to fill in the space and the rhythm section (the one guy) plods along to the beat of their drummer (literally). Not unlike if Tad was covering old Floor songs. Kevin Collins of Subculture (aka the best NCHC band you never heard of, but who rule about as hard as COC, who have heard of), Erectus Monotone, and most recently Double Negative, plays guitar here. How these two North Carolinians ended up in Chicago playing in together as Bull is a mystery I do not have the answer to, but would love to know.
Another mystery I'd like to know is, did they name the song "Walsby" on this record after future Shiny Beast and Double Negative bandmate (and world famous graphic artist...peep the 7 Seconds Walk Together Rock Together cover for proof) Brian Walsby?
No vocals. So if that is a deal breaker,'s off I guess. The instrumental nature doesn't bother me one bit with this band, you can easily get lulled into their messy groove and zone out to the noise.
Trivia: ex-Big Black bassist Dave Riley was in the original version of this band, and recorded with them on their first ep. Worth mentioning because...well...Big Black. If Bull was good enough for Dave Riley you can sure as shit bet they will be good enough for you as well.



Scott said...

Pretty sure KC isn't on this.

Gray said...

My understanding is that "Kevin Drumm" is actually Kevin Collins. But...I'm wrong half the time, sooooooo.
Can someone ask him? (That someone not being me, as I don't know him)

Mr_Crass said...

Can you repost the ep please?

Anonymous said...

please re-up this

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