Monday, April 27, 2015

V/A - Our Band Could Be Your Life - A Tribute To D Boon and the Minutemen

Label: Little Brother
Year: 1996

Let's start by me telling you this, and it might rub you the wrong way...but..."I don't think the Minutemen were all that great". They were "fine" I guess. And maybe I was too stupid to "get it", or whatever, but ultimately they did and/or do, very little for me. They have a handful of really good songs, and a bunch of alright songs, and fair amount of shitty songs. Not a bad record per se, just not essential to these ears.
A lot of people are way into the Minutemen, and think they were very "important" or something to that extent, and that's fine, I'm sure they are very important to some folks. No one here is saying they're no good, or that they didn't contribute to this or that, or that we can't collectively respect what they accomplished in their time on earth.
I just like fIREHOSE better, that's all.
So then why am I posting this long ass album of other bands playing Minutemen songs? Good question.
Honestly, it's not a bad question at all.
I'll have to think about it for a minute and get back to you.

There's too many bands to list, but the ones you have a better chance of ever having head of before are:
Oswald Five-O
Meat Puppets
Nels Cline Trio
Overwhelming Colorfast
Free Kitten
Thurston Moore
Joe Baiza
The Meices
Lou Barlow
D Boon (hey, that's not fair!)
Minutemen (for real, that's not fair!)

*originally posted 03-23-10, reposted 04-27-15



Plague said...

"I just like firehose better, that's all".

(walks away, shaking head and mumbling)

Gray said...

As much as I truly believe fIREHOSE to be the better band, I mostly make the claim to annoy old people. Dudes who are super into the Minutemen (and they are all dudes) are inevitably nerds. Dudes who are casually into the Minutemen are fine, but those dorks who fan out to Mike Watt (himself a royal nerd) and everything, they are generally insufferable.

Anonymous said...


Plague said...

I don't give a crap about Mike Watt.
Yeah, maybe I'm an old dude, but anyone who thinks the barely adequate twaddle of fireHose superior to the adventurous MM need to be handed walking papers.
But hey, it's your blog.

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