Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mutton - Mutton

Label: Self released
Year: 2013

The very definition of burly. An Australian noise rock band that comes hurling rocks and waving sticks indiscriminately at you, the poor listener, for no apparent reason but their own twisted enjoyment. Everything about their approach is unhinged, threatening to fall about at any moment, or simply explode the speakers straining to keep all that blunt force trauma in tact.
Whatever is happening "down under" (I mean, I know what's happening down under on my own body...and it's vile to say the least, but in this instance I mean in a geographical sense) must be in some way bizarre, cause Mutton fit into a lineage of other twisted, nasty, brutish Australian bands who've come before: Lubricated Goat, Feedtime, Scul Hazards, Cosmic Psychos, King Snake Roost, Bushpig (part Australian...still counts), Slub, and Grong Grong. Bands that sound genuinely menacing, like, in an actual fistfight you're going to get at minimum one tooth knocked out. Minimum.
Drano vocals, overdriven rhythms, and an overall gut punch of a's fucking what you want man. Trust me. If you're a Pissed Jeans fan, go for this. Again, trust me.


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