Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ed Hall - Love Poke Here

Label: Boner
Year: 1990

By request, the second full length from Ed Hall. If you have been following this here blog for the past few months you will have already noted that we got pretty balls deep into the early 90's Austin, Texas / Trance Syndicate / Cherubs / Drain / Ed Hall / Johnboy / etc. scene a few months back. And there we described the music of Ed Hall, and I'm sure we gave a very lucid and well developed synopsis of the band and why you should invite them into you home. I'm sure we did, it's what we do. 
This particular album features the distinctive vocal "talents" of Kevin Whitley who would later go on to front Cherubs, in case that's what you need to hear before taking a chance on this.

By the way, happy mother's day to all the special ladies in my life who have had the honor of birthing my prodigy, and do my main dookie stain, the lady who brought me in to this world, Penny. Big ups!

*Originally posted 05.10.09, reposted 04-22-15



Anonymous said...

thanks x1000 !!! excellent album

Unknown said...

Any chance to re-up?

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