Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blind Idiot God - Blind Idiot God

Label: SST
Year: 1987

All instrumental, but only half good I'm sorry to report. You see, this band had a good thing going, and that was a brutal strain of pounding rock. They sound not unlike Zeni Gevi or even Head Of David with an SST twist, real nasty, merciless type stuff. The type of stuff I like a lot.
But then...oh boy...then. Then they had to go and put a bunch of "dub" tracks on the second half of the record. For the love of god, why? It's the same question everybody asked the Bad Brains, "hey Bad Brains, you guys sure do rock out real good, so what's with all these super shitty reggae songs polluting your records and live sets?". Remember asking them that? Well, same thing here. Why fuck up the momentum of a scorching rock record with some watered down faux-reggae dub bullshit? Why? Are you a rastafarian? No? That's strange, cause I assumed a bunch of white guys from St. Louis would be, and that would explain your attempt to re appropriate from that culture. But you're not, and by the way, that culture is fucking retarded, so why ape it anyway?
Ugh, please don't get me on a reggae tangent. I seriously find that shit to be the most revolting of all musical styles, and the lifestyle that accompanies it even worse. Ugh.
So Blind Idiot God sorta messed up with the dub stuff. That's okay, it's not the end of the world. I mean, hell, Godflesh did it, and they're still spoken about in hushed reverence. I think Blind Idiot Gods finer qualities will also carry the day.

*Originally posted 06-08-10, reposted 04-22-15



Anonymous said...

Gotta remember that SST were (and are) heavy heavy stoners. Which was why everything after 86 or so was Phishjam Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man!

Could you do a reupload though? The track Subterranean Flight is busted.

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