Monday, February 23, 2015

The Stickmen - The Stickmen

Label: Self Released
Year: 1998

Originally released to little fanfare in 1998, originating from the island of Tasmania, The Stickmen created what should be a noise rock classic. And it will be, once people manage to hear it.
They check all the "right" boxes; the tightly wound surf rave-up, the greasy twangy slide tones of  garage rock skuzz, the propulsive skew of slicing guitar atop rolling rhythms, and the energy backbone provided by shelves of punk and hardcore albums at home. All nicely coated with a charcoal gray sheen of menace.
Sort of like a double bill of Dead and Gone doing a set of Hoover covers, and maybe Vaz doing a set of Beast Of Bourbon songs. A hot show, no doubt.
Homeless Records has been kind enough to re-release this record which you should be kind enough to go here and purchase. It's well, well worth your time and money.  The bonus track included in this post is from the Homeless version, a previously unreleased track from the original recording session.
Listen to it, wonder how it slipped through the cracks, and then grab the vinyl (which appears to be sold out at current time…but I'm sure if enough people bug them there will be a second pressing).


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