Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Great Unraveling - The Great Unraveling

Label: Kill Rock Stars
Year: 1997

Back from vacation, back in action! Thought I might have contracted Lyme disease on the way, but turns out I'm just a puss who can't handle New York City walking and heat waves. Summer can suck it, the heat is for the birds.
So back to blogging.
The Great Unraveling was great, just what you needed after Universal Order Of Armageddon broke up, more of that tense, dynamic, weird, scratching rock. Can't get enough of that shit. Getting Steve Albini to produce it? Nice touch. This was a fertile time in post punk, post emo, whatever you "post" you decide, the amalgamation of DC emo, Louisville noise rock, Flipper, Black Flag, Wire, and most other good, good things.

*Originally posted 07-08-10, reposted 10-8-14

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twinz2z said...

Many Thanks.
I got the 7inch not long ago and NOW !

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