Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Three Mile Pilot - Another Desert, Another Sea

Label: Headhunter
Year: 1997

Keeping the San Diego hot hand going from yesterday, but this time with a easier listening (to you and I anyway) appeal. Half of Pinback and half of Black Heart Procession (not to mention ANOTHER Struggle alumni!) deliver exactly that...half Pinback half Black Heart Procession.
This particular record was slated to be released by Geffen, but I guess they weren't too keen on it's dark weirdness and dropped the band prior to putting it out. Doesn't seem like it would have been the strangest record on Geffen's roster, but whatever.

Listen at sunset staring into building storm clouds for best results.



SFON said...

One of the best albums i've ever heard.Pal Jenkins can move mountains with his voice.

onyx said...

Can you re-upload this please?

Anonymous said...

Please re-up! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

this is someone else's upload I found on another blog but now I can't find where. good album!

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