Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Diet Cola - Early Learning

Label: Army Of Bad Luck
Year: 2008

Most "famous" as being the band Josh Fauver from Deerhunter did as a side project while Deerhunter were at their (arguably) artistic zenith. Josh is no longer in Deerhunter by the by, although his replacement is another guy named Josh, which is admittedly confusing, but, you know, the world is a confusing place.
Diet Cola only released this four song 7" (so far as I can tell), and it's only 8 minutes long, but really 8 minutes is about all the blown out post punk influenced noise rock one can handle in a sitting.
If you were a fan of Josh's previous band, Electrosleep Intl., or his other project S.I.D.S., or you're familiar with a good share of his record label's roster (Army Of Bad Luck), the spiky, spazzy, antagonistic bands like Vera Fang, then you're going to know sorta what to expect....and you're probably from Atlanta.
Only 300 pressed, so one would assume it's out of print by now, but if you can, it's a highly recommended purchase.


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