Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Law$uits - Future Failures

Label: Rallidae
Year: 2013

Someone, possibly the band themselves but I won't cast dispersions, was nice enough to share this record with us (me) in the forum section of the blog, and while I rarely make my way to that dark and dusty stretch of internet, I admit that I sneaked a peek.
Good thing, cause otherwise I would have missed out on this one. Like how I miss most other things.
I'm feeling pretty confident that this record will go over well within the mutated and inbred Shiny Grey Community, as it takes a post hardcore (Bluetip) sense of urgency outside to play but insists that it wear a sweater of noise rock (Tar) to stay warm (sensible). You can tell Law$uits have good and disciplined parents, as they keep their rocking and rolling within respectable limits of decency, never having to bury their shortcomings in feedback or screaming caterwauls, they keep their sound on the up and up. Punchy and square on the nose.


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JB said...

Thank you for the kind words regarding our parents.

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