Monday, January 27, 2014

Glifted - Under And In

Year: Martians Go Home
Label: 2002

First off, I must apologize for the lack of posts recently, but some unforeseen changes in my professional life have forced a shift in priorities as of late, and thusly I have not been very motivated to "blog" as it were.

But you don't care do you? I probably wouldn't.

So then on to Glifted. A duo consisting of Tim Lash of Hum, and T.J. Harrison of Lovecup out of Campaign-Urbana who produced the first piece of music to rival My Bloody Valentine, since the release of the watershed "Loveless". And I mean that. This is a true shoegazing monster in that My Bloody Valentine vein; hypnotic, pulsing, droning waves of thick guitars with the disembodied, distant vocals swelling over the music. It's sort of Hum + My Bloody Valentine + Mercury Rev. It's strange music, maybe not "rock" music per se, but it's definitely heavy, and it should appeal to followers of this blog. 

Let me know what you think.

*Originally posted 11.24.08, reposted 01.27.14 - this one has been back in regular rotation in my life, so I assume you should rotate it accordingly.



Nacho said...

this file gives an error, it is damaged.

Gray said...

I re-did the upload...try again.

Nacho said...

thanks gray!

Anonymous said...

there was a rumour on Jonathon's BOAWS blog (before he folded it and before he got hacked by Russians) that there was a second record ready to go but no will to release it.

This record is great though.

Anonymous said...

whoa, i remember this one. been ages.
love, phil.

Anonymous said...

dead link :(

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