Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sparkmarker - Parts and Accessories

Label: Final Notice
Year: 1994

It's Thanksgiving, and I suppose Hanukkah too, so let's make some miracles happen, right?
One of the faithful out there, Bob83, has asked kindly for this record to return to the internets, and since he used his "pleases" and "thank yous", and it's a holiday and everything, we are obliged to capitulate.
Your welcome.
Here's the collection of Sparkmarker's 7"s which rule pretty fucking hard in a Quicksand by way of Universal Order of Armageddon way. Lots of chugging goodness mixed with some quiet/loud dynamics, and one of the more unique voices in early 90's hardcore. The follow up to this record had a new singer and a less effective style of post-hardcore, and they feel off the map (mine anyway, and what other map is there really?), a Canadian footnote...a Shawn Scallen photo in a fanzine...a ghost of what could have been.
If you need any further editorializing on the subject, please refer to Phil Fay Fock.



Anonymous said...

its sure a phil fay phavorite. excellent excellent musics and still in quite heavy rotation at "the office." seeing this band made me want to be in a band. and as gray says, once the singer left they became pretty much pointless.

on a side note, the singer did re-emerge in a new band called deadsure, which was actually quite good. an EP on no idea i think and a difficult to find LP on some no name label which screwed me out of 5 dollars. broken up before the LP saw the light of day. similar vibe as sparkmarker but a little more punky than chuggy. phil recommended. if gray asks nicely i can supply him with the "files" he can share.

-love, phil

Anonymous said...

Any chance for a re-up of this amazing album? I haven't listened to it in forever and would love to check it out again. Thanks!

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