Monday, November 4, 2013

Action Beat - The Condition

Label: Truth Cult
Year: 2012

Instrumental noise that goes from hard charging to twitchy and nervy, and back again, and then back again. Again.
You might hear some of the controlled freak out (oxymoron much?) that Sonic Youth used to deliver, or some of the Kraut-sludge that a band like Hey Colossus can get into. Possibly, if you're an egghead type, there are Glenn Branca comparisons to be made in the careening improvisational assault herein. There could be a case made for a Lightning Bolt split 7" sometime in the near future for a skronking, ear-damaging good time.
But you should hear it for yourself and tell me.



Nacho said...

look at this man, this is my new record recorded live. the whole concert.

do you think im sexy?

Anonymous said...

Good one, man. I have a request, if you have it: the infamous "bootleg" from Big Black, Sound of of the only instances of a bootleg actually making the charts in England...

slovenlyeric said...

This is pretty amazing. Thank you. I would never have even looked at this one twice but for your description.

Anonymous said...

Well done Nacho you are officialy the most untalented guy in the whole SGM history.Keep up the good work of humiliating yourself.

Nacho said...

thank you! thanking your kind words from Spain (is pain). i will send you a blood sausage typical in my village for you to taste it

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