Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Inside Out - Live KXLU 1991

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1991

Inside Out was one of the Revelation Records crown jewels, alongside Burn, Quicksand, and Into Another as the label transitioned from strict NYHC to post-hardcore. Not that Inside Out aren't hardcore, I think that's a pretty safe descriptor. Back then, they were "the band with Zach from Hard Stance, and Vic from Beyond, Chris from Chain Of Strength, and Mark from Gorilla Biscuits", but now they're pretty much "Zach's band before Rage Against The Machine".
Luckily for you, this radio broadcast is available for you to bask in all the feedback-laden, caustic riffing, and pummeling power of Inside Out as simply "Inside Out". Prior to the release of their 7", before they were known outside of Orange County. You also get some pretty choice between song banter, which Zach de la Rocha has always been good for (depending on your sense of humor I suppose...I used to have an old Inside Out show from The Anthrax where Zach gives a long, impassioned speech from stage about "not giving in", "never letting the system corrupt him", and "finding a way to live outside the mainstream", to which an audience member shouts, "what are you gonna do, live with your parents?"...good stuff), and a brief interview at the end where we finally get the answer to the question we all wanted to know; "So, do you think Ray Cappo has been brainwashed?".



Anonymous said...

BOO! Again, why is this shit here?

Gray said...

I suppose it's here because I put it here. Which, maybe I should have consulted with you prior to doing.
A thousand apologies.

Or, are you saying "BOO" as a means to startle and scare me? In that case, it didn't work...that much.

Joe. said...

Can you upload this again?

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