Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Elephant Rifle - Party Child

Label: Humaniterrorist / Satan's Pimp
Year: 2012

Hey, speaking of Reno and Gob and stuff...how's about a quick survey of what the Satan's Pimp label is up to now?
Turns out, they teamed up with Humaniterrorist to co-release this insanely fucking good album by Elephant Rifle. Insanely fucking good! Like, King Snake Roost meets old Melvins meets old Nirvana meets Whores kinda good. Big, swinging, growling, riffing gut punch after gut punch. Sure, they'll throw in some sort of Birthday Party-esque saxophone skronk, or a howling organ deep in the mix, but this is 100% pure grade noise rock, just the way you want it. Total commitment to total power.

How on earth did I miss this record up until now? It's a grievous oversight on my part, and one that I'm really not proud of. So, please don't be stupid like I was, and run, don't walk, to hear this album. I am willing to personally guarantee your total and complete satisfaction with it's results on your earholes (other holes will void the guarantee).


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