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the dave witte experience

today is mr. witte's birthday

and what better reason to re-post an interview he did for the CGB blog back in 2010

and what better reason to re-post the compilation i'd put together to accompany the interview

i know that there's some of you out there that aren't really familiar with dave witte and his work

that's why you should download the compilation

and as we all know...compilations are the best mixtapes you didn't put together (and in this case...i did it for're welcome)

so read and listen,kiddies

perhaps you'll learn a little something

now get outta here

ya bother me

as posted in COLOSTOMY GRAB-BAG (2010):

dave witte

the james murphy of percussion

the one legged blast beat

i was first turned onto mr. witte via the human remains' album USING SICKNESS AS A HERO...and i was stunned by the drumming...and i pictured this huge behemoth of a man sitting behind the kit
but when i first laid eyes on him...i thought that he wouldn't look out of place on an academic team of some sort

the grocery list of the bands he's played with reads like a who's who of the extreme underground: human remains/anodyne/east west blast test/black army jacket/melt banana/atomsmasher/discordance axis/burnt by the sun/municipal waste/exit-13...

i somehow got mr. witte to answer a few questions

CGB: you're currently out on the's that going for you?

DW: It's going well, we're only on day 3 now, but it's a short run of 7 shows, so I guess we're almost half done. We meet with the Cro-Mags tomorrow for 3 shows together, so that's very exciting.
This year is all short runs, so its nice to have some time at home.

CGB: first off...i have a few questions from a friend of mine that he'd like me to ask you:
  1: which project pays the most residuals? (he believes it to be the discordance axis/plutocracy split) A: I'm a fan of Inalienable Dreamless myself. I love that record. We went out all guns blazing on that record.

  2: what is your favorite dish at the 821 cafe? A: I'm more of a Black Sheep fan actually. The Barn and Bay breakfast sandwich is the best I think. 3 scrambled eggs, virginia ham, crab, swiss cheese & scallions on pressed toast. Amazing.

CGB: and seeing as how we're on the subject of food...i took a look at the many pictures you've taken of various foods on your facebook...and i'm thinking that you should publish a coffee table book...are you,yourself,a whiz in the kitchen?

DW: I love to cook, I consider myself a novice in the culinary world though. There are thousands of ideas and ingredients to work with.
I've had many ideas about my food photos, who knows what will actually happen.

CGB: i have to share a story with you: i was once kicked off of a children's drumkit that was set up in a music store for playing the human remains song "weeding out the thorns" does that make you feel?

DW: that's hilarious! I'm sure you really bummed some people out. Ha.

CGB: if you could have control over time and space and were able to play with any 3 bands...who would they be?

DW: I've always wanted to drum for Dalek, I love those guys and their music is incredible, so unique.
I've already drummed for my other two dreams (Melt-Banana & Young Widows), so I'm happy.

CGB: you've probably been asked this question a multitude of times...out of all the bands you've been involved in...which was your favorite?

DW: They all have a special place for me. I'll safely say Human Remains and Discordance Axis, as they were the first two that I really started learning and traveled with. I'll also safely say that they both will never play again.

CGB:you're least favorite?

DW : None, I was always learning something in different stages of my playing, so they all had something to do with where I am today.

CGB: going back to human remains...the last track on the USING SICKNESS AS A HERO album is called "beyond human perception"...and i just want you to know that i get it,man...whose idea was that?

DW: ahh, I forget, it was a goof, yeah let's record a dog whistle and lable it Beyond Human Perception. We were quite the jokers. In fact the sole purpose of HR was to keep ourselves entertained more or less.

CGB: i've only managed to see you live the fireside bowl in chicago back in '04 when you were playing with burnt by the sun (yakuza and american heritage were also on the bill)...i was right up front and i wasn't able to take my eyes off of you...but there was one thing that i'd make it look so effortless...but i had also noticed that you looked kind of bored...were you in fact trying to remember if you had shut everything off before you left the house?

DW: thanks and probably, there have been a few times where I've left the oven on when leaving the house. Haha. Actually I pride myself on my posture and being relaxed/not stiff when playing, these things lend themselves to a good performance.

CGB: and speaking of burnt by the sun...on the song "human steamroller" from the SOUNDTRACK TO THE PERSONAL REVOLUTION....the drum build up that kicks in at 1:45 never fails to make me want to break stuff...and i thank you for that

DW: thanks, that was actually one of my suggestions/contribution to that song, it seemed to fit in there nice and lent itself to the intensity of the part following. We wanted to use something kind of unconventional or from the norm.

CGB: you were part of the 88 boadrum jam (the brooklyn edition) back in ' did you get involved in that business?

DW: I can safely say its the best thing I've ever done with my drumming, it was such an incredible, positive experience. I wanted to do it again in 09, but I was gone on tour.
I was lucky enough to be invited to participate, as its invite only. Eye happened to be a Discordance Axis fan too, so that helped. I hope to be invited this year.

CGB: do you go into a gig wanting to treat your kit like it owes you money?

DW: No, I respect the kit initially, that's my baby. The riffs bring out the monster. Johns (BBTS) riffs make me wanna beat my drums, I can't explain it. I've hit the hardest and with more dynamic in that band than any other band I've been. Him and I have this relationship that goes beyond and a lot of it comes out in the music. That's my boy, blame it on him. Good thing my Trick Drums can take the beating, best drums ever.

CGB: do you own one of them there new fangled IPOD things?...and if so...what can currently be found on it?

DW: I love my ipod, all 160 gigs, its a life saver on tour and I get to rediscover my love for music on long trips. I had a really wide range of tastes on it, pretty much every genre possible. Lately I've been jamming, Portal, Man is the Bastard (getting pumped for the Bastard Noise tour approaching), Leviathan, Them Crooked Vultures, Abombanation (nyc), Socrates, Minus The Bear and Lights East to name a few.

CGB: are there any current kick ass bands you'd like to name drop?

DW: MW played with Ratking the last two nights and I enjoyed them quite a bit, really heavy stuff with brains. People from Gorilla Biscuits, Employer-Employee and Die 116/Kiss It Goodbye are involved.
There also a new band from Richmond, VA that I love called Lights East. Members of ATP are involved and to me its kind of a mix of Skynyrd, Floyd and Cream meets Chicago indie rock. Great stuff!!

CGB: how does the saying "anyone can have a seizure behind a drumkit...but once you've mastered jazz've got it" make you feel?

DW: its more like once you master the timing of a straight up rock beat. The foundation is the most important thing, and to quote Chad Smith "if you can't do that, you aint got nothing" haha. He actually said that a drum festival. The biggest issue I have with todays heavy music scene, everyone wants to be the fastest, and that's cool and all, I've definitely wanted to be the fastest guy in the world at point, but you gotta walk before you can run.

CGB: maybe it's because i'm listening to them as i write this...but would you have ever played with the band at the drive-in if asked?

DW: yeah, they are a great band first off and secondly I love touring and playing live, so the range of what I would play is vast. I'm addicted to playing live, there's nothing that replace that connection between crowd and audience.

CGB: learning to play...were you self-taught?...did you sit in your room with a pair of headphones on and play along to led zeppelin's "moby dick"?

DW: Yes, I am self taught and Phil Rudd and AC/DC were my teachers. I played along to their records constantly. I also looked up to Brandon Thomas of Ripping Corpse quite a bit.

CGB: if there were one thing you could say to lars ulrich...what would it be?

DW: Thanks for being my idol at one point in my life. Lars, was also very important in my learning years. I worshiped Metallica and his drumming for a few years when growing up.

CGB: you've probably been asked this a million and one times...but if you could choose one band to reunite...would it be human remains or discordance axis?

DW: Neither. They both have their reasons to not be reunited, its not in the cards.

CGB: well...i do believe i've taken up enough of your time...if you have any advice for the kids...this be the place to place it

DW: Follow your heart, be happy and do what you love. Open your mind to the world of influences that are easily available to you and don't limit yourself. Eat well and if you drum, find other musicians that are more talented than you and jam with them. You'll push yourself harder and learn more quicker.
As always, thanks for the support.
Come say hi on tour. I can be kept up with at

the dave witte experience:
1: human remains - weeding out the thorns
2: east west blast test - the last drop
3: exit-13 - hopped up!
4 - candiria - molecular dialect
5 - black army jacket - meow meow meow
6 - discordance axis - gimmw gimme gimme (black flag cover)
7 - anodyne - furnace
8 - municipal waste - set to destruct
9 - birds of prey - turning big rocks into little rocks
10 - atomsmasher - pokemon gangbang
11 - burnt by the sun - human steamroller

DL: the dave witte experience

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