Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shameless Self-Promotion Volume Redux

Another year, another reunion show from a band that was a blip on the blip of someones radar those many years ago. Here we go again.

This show was part and parcel to a larger effort to document the 1990's Atlanta punk/hardcore scene, but the machinations of such an endeavor are daunting and continue to humble me. The musical portion of the show roars on though, and it's next month in Atlanta.

You should go.

Quadiliacha - grinding pop punk, if that's possible, but it is.
Levelhead - much less grinding melodic hardcore
Tres Kids - back to grinding, total fastcore
Regicide - truth be told, the best hardcore band you never heard

For reals, if you can, you should come. I'll be there accepting drinks all night, but on stage around 9:30 or so (and booted off stage quickly thereafter).


Nacho said...

best hadcore band that? you must be stoned or something. what a shit

Gray said...

Yay! Nacho is back on the scene!
Nacho, if I had the means, I would seriously fly you to Atlanta for this show.

Anonymous said...

oh fuck me
-love phil.

Gray said...

I will see you there....PHIL!

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