Tuesday, August 6, 2013

queens of the stone age - 8.2.99 - pyramid cabaret - winnipeg,canada

once upon a time there was a band called kyuss

and then they split up

and then the band's guitarist joined the band screaming trees as a touring guitarist

and then the words "gamma ray" came to him in a dream...which more than likely involved him fighting the incredible hulk over a bowl of chili

and then he was all like "i'm totally going to start a band and call it bowl of chili"

and then a few minutes later he was all like "no...gamma ray...that's the ticket"

and then there was a german band that liked to wear leather and scream...and they were all like "no,bro...WE'RE gamma ray...change the name or else!"

yeah...i probably should have mentioned that he was using the bathroom at the time

and then just to get the germans out of his bathroom...he was all like "fine...queens of the stone age"

and then the germans left...but not before they had all used the bathroom

and then after washing his hands...he got on the phone with former kyuss bandmate...drummer alfredo hernandez

and then he was all like "hey,man...band?"

and thus was born the queens of the stone age

1 - regular john
2 - born to hula
3 - give the mule what he wants
4 - mexicola
5 - you would know
6 - you can't quit me baby
7 - tension head
8 - how to handle a rope
9 - if only
10 - avon
11 - eccentric man
12 - walking on the sidewalks

DL: queens of the stone age @pyramid cabaret

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Wild Thing said...

in those black days filled by lawsuits between ex-band members and former bands creating, hum, crap, it feels good to listen to early material!

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