Thursday, August 1, 2013

morkobot - mostro

label: supernatural cat
released: 2006

right off the're going to think of the band lightning bolt (i did)

and that's not a bad thing

they sound like a more cohesive version of lightning bolt

but don't let me using "cohesive" and "lightning bolt" in the same sentence scare you away

there's more to it than that

this is what you would hear in the next room if the black sabbath album SABOTAGE and the pink floyd album MEDDLE and the primus album PORK SODA were having a threesome

and you totally know you'd listen to'd mute the tv and just sit there and listen....

it's ok...we're not here to we'd like to get some of that action on film

moving right along....

if you like anything that's been mentioned here...this is for you

if you don't like anything that's been mentioned'll probably have already heard the door lock behind you...and it's just better if you don't turn around

DL: mostro


Anonymous said...

Thank! You!! Again!!!

Leland said...

excellent, Smithers

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