Thursday, August 8, 2013

employer,employee - mother spain & the wayfaring myth 7"

label: graham williams
released: 1998

yeah...i know that both relapse and robotic empire have re-released this

but do you really want to have to take the time to go to their respective websites and have to go through the whole rigamarole of having to fill out all of the needed information in order to get it in the mail...or would you rather just click on the gool ol' DL down there?


you can just download this along with their SIC [SIC] album from the robotic empire obscurities blog?

if you did that...then you'd have to waste all of that energy having to google the words "robotic empire obscurities".... already have that bookmarked


actually...i just wanted to post this because i'd been listening to it a lot today...and getting strange looks by folks that happen to pass by the open window...

"excuse me...but what is an employer,employee?"

i'm glad you asked that

employer,employee were a band out of austin,tx...they released a full length and this 7"...and that's all they had in them

musically...if you dig stuff like rorschach or some early dillinger escape plan or some teen cthulhu (it's ok to pretend that you've heard of them)....

this is roughly 10 minutes in contains 3 songs...and honestly...if you don't already have whatever room you happen to be in while listening to this torn apart by the end of the first track...just shut everything off...pack a bag...and're not wanted there

there are a few post-employer,employee bands that you should check out...namely cardinale and sea of thousand

ok then

DL: mother spain & the wayfaring myth 7''

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Anonymous said...

this band was great. they did a reunion show opening for converge many years ago.

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