Tuesday, August 6, 2013

black flag - 2.8.85 - los angeles,ca

what you get here is THE PROCESS OF WEEDING OUT ep performed live in it's entirety +1

the +1 being the song "obliteration"...which can be found on the SLIP IT IN album

"hey,greg...we have a show tonight,yeah?"

"not tonight,henry"


1 - the process of weeding out
2 - obliteration
3 - screw the law
4 - southern rise
5 - your last affront

DL: the process of weeding out +1 live

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Anonymous said...

Ya know, I really don't watch that much TV. Maybe The Rachel Maddow Show or even some Dodger baseball occasionally. Every time I see this commercial touting some luxury vehicle that more than 90% of Americans will never be able to afford. The voice on the ad sounds kinda familiar? I think he's some kind of famous family man from a sitcom back in the 80's? Maybe ALF or Mr. Belvedere? Perhaps you can help me out?

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