Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Roomrunner - Super Vague

Label: Fan Of Death
Year: 2012

Sometimes I wonder where all the bands went that mix good, strong pop songs with gooder, stronger punk rock. The kind like the bands that littered every single college town of this great nation circa 1993. Remember?
Well, Roomrunner seems like they wondered the same thing, but instead of being a lazy turd like me, they formed their own band which draws from Polvo, Sonic Youth, Chavez, Seam, Rodan, Nirvana...that kind of stuff. The band Nine Black Alps sorta did a similar thing a few years back, but went for a "bigger" sound, Roomrunner stays in the Raymond Brake column of making more interesting sounds than just "big" ones. They're really great sounds either way. I love it.


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