Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Late Blomer - Late Bloomer

Label: Self Aware / Lunchbox
Year: 2013

This record could not be coming out at a better time of year (assuming you live in the Northern Hemisphere...and if you don't...well, why the fuck wouldn't you?!), the weather is changing, the trees are blooming, the birds are chirping, the perfect season for a loud, catchy, good-timin' rock record. I mean, listen to it and tell me that you can't envision a round robin badminton tournament in your backyard (front yard if you're a renter I suppose), a cooler full of Busch tallboys, and a couple good-enough-looking female neighbors hanging around. Fucking party time, man.
This one goes at it in a Dinosaur Jr meets Monsula meets Pavement meets Replacements meets post hardcore meets 90's indie rock kinda way. Poppy and bouncy, but still unpolished and urgent enough to be endearing.
Bring on Spring! Bring on Late Bloomer!

By the way, you should buy away here. Only $11 and it's on awesome half and half colored vinyl!



Anonymous said...

hail gray

sunna. said...

thanks again!

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