Monday, February 4, 2013

Greys - Easy Listening

Label: Indoor Shoes
Year: 2012

I will overlook the misspelling of the band's name, because I like the way they blend together lots of micro-genres to create a pleasent enough update on noise rock/post hardcore/grunge type guitar rock. It all kinda winds up a little bit like The Bronx meets Ken Mode around the corner from the Hot Snakes or something. It's not subtle, and you have to have room in your heart for shouted vocals (which I do, and I have also found subtlety to be a bit...understanded), but if you're here, then chances are you can handle it.



man-shaped hole said...

Thanks, this is exactly how I like my noise rock, and you guys are exactly how I like my music blogs.

JB said...

I'm happy to see these guys on this blog. Been reading this blog for years. Just played a show with these gents.

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