Monday, October 8, 2012

Rodan - Aviary - 8 Track Demo

Label: Self released
Year: 1993

Here you go, cassette only, 200 released, precursor to the "Rusty" album, and 12 songs (albeit 2 of which are instrumental "found sound" type crap, which, note to future bands: is entirely not necessary). You get those two pieces, you get the six songs from "Rusty", in their infancy, you get a song which ended up on the Half Cocked soundtrack, one from a Simple Machines compilation, and two from "How The Winter Was Passed" 7". The sound quality on each one being far better than what would probably have happened had your band plugged in and rocked out your best material in 1992, into an 8-track machine. It's Rodan, and so by default probably better than most other things. Not everything of course, there's plenty of "things" out there better than Rodan, but relatively speaking, and within the small world of underground music, Rodan make a strong case for themselves.


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lex dexter said...

Awesome! Thank you. Only 200 of these? Wow, I really am never going to find one.

RIP Jason Noble. I had a chance to meet Bob Weston at a Burma show a couple weeks ago but laid off cuz I was wearing a Shipping News shirt and didn't wanna talk about you. know. what.

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