Friday, March 23, 2012

kiss it goodbye - she loves me,she loves me not

released 1997

i want you to walk over to your music collection

now i want you to pick up black flag's is the day's TEMPLE OF THE MORNING STAR...kittens' BAZOOKA AND THE HUSTLER...korn's SELF-TITLED...deadguy's FIXATION ON A CO-WORKER...and now i want you to walk to an open window...and now i want you to throw them outside and walk away

you see...this single album has taken the veins popping out of the neck...clenched faced anger of all of those albums and poked it with a stick while peeing on it's favorite rug

and i know what you're thinking..."aren't deadguy and kiss it goodbye essentially the same band?"

essentially it had 2 members of the band (singer tim singer and guitarist keith huckins)...but go on ahead and add 2 members of the band rorschach to the mix (bassist thom rusnack and drummer andrew gormley...well...technically 3 members as keith huckins was once a member of the band)

so think deadguy sludged up with some neurosis thrown in (both the band and the disorder)

if you're not already familiar with this should've already seen the words "deadguy" and "rorschach" and gotten all like "fuck yes!" and hit the red DL (assuming that you're familiar with those bands...and if you're may need to re-evaluate your life)

now...go outside and pick those albums up off the lawn...yes...even the korn album (don't judge me)

the band are going to be doing a mini reunion tour of the west coast in june

these be the dates:

6.7 - pamona,ca - the glass house (as part of the revelation records 25th anniversary bash)

6.8 - berkeley,ca - 924 gilman st.

6.9 - portland,or (venue to be announced)

6.10 - seattle,wa - the highline

but...before you go exploding into your should know that guitarist keith huckins and drummer andrew gormley and other guitarist demian johnston aren't going to be involved

so you'll get tim singer and bassist thom rusnak and friends

i guess that's better than nothing...right?


DL: she loves me,she loves me not
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