Sunday, July 10, 2011

Craw + Sicbay - Split

Label: Obtuse Mule
Year: 2000

Craw have been subject of high praise around here (I'm pointing to myself), and even though this record can support a single track, it's still well worth it. They lurch and punch through a perfect three minute treatise on how to craft a heavy, dynamic, and rocking exercise. Each riff is a punch to your midsection, designed to force full headbanging whether vountary or not. Please don't let the Sun Ra reference fool you.
Sicbay come out swinging a little faster, in a more traditional Midwest Noise Rock (patent pending) manner. Remember this is the band lead by Nick Sakes of Dazzling Killmen/Colossamite "fame", so they are well aware of how to warp a few riffs together with a skittering drum beat and some shouting. Well aware.


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J-Me said...

Goddamn I love me some Sicbay! Nick Sakes is dreamy.

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