Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hickoids - We're In It For The Corn

Label: Matako Matzuri
Year: 1985

Described as "white thrash" or alternately "cow punk", this band and this record would not make it into my life circa 2011, but circa 1990 it snuck in there, right around the same time a band like Elvis Hitler got in under the radar. As long as it wasn't Bon Jovi or C+C Music Factory (I've got the power!), and could be found in the "alternative" section of the local record shop (preferably on cassette so I could rock it in my Subaru), I would give it a whirl.
Well, time has not been kind to the cow punk genre, and most folks, myself included sort of write it off dismissively as dumb, or pointless, but I dug this record out not too long ago and it changed my mind. While it's not a contender for a Pulitzer Prize or anything, the songs are well written stabs of punk infused garage/country rock. I actually had fun remembering this record and reliving the days when it was new to me.
Maybe you'll have a similar reaction?
If not, I know there are more boring ways to spend 37 minutes than turning this record up super loud and turning off your music snob filter.

* Link is fixed, although sending you to the definition of a "Rusty Trombone" rather than the Hickoids album is hilarious, I suppose you guys probably didn't think so.



panzan said...

rusty trombone?

Anonymous said...

It's not ''I'VE GOT THE POWER'',it's just ''THE POWER'' and its not a C N C MUSIC FACTORY song but a SNAP song you worthless piece of crap!!


Gray said...

Well said. Good point.

ed said...

regardless of anonymous' finer points on your knowledge of good music, the link takes us to the wikipedia page for the rusty trombone. if your intent was to enlighten us, then indeed you have. reading is fundamental!


Anonymous said...

Hickoids are on tour now, or just finished one...caught them in San Francisco. Singer was wearing duct tape tights...with SF/HC on the crotch

Anonymous said...

Hey there, princess douchebag---C N C MUCUS Factory AND SNAP BOTH SUCK, you worthless piece of top 40-loving crap! What the Hell are you doing on this REAL good music blog, anyway? By the way, "Gods sake" and "its" should have apostrophes before the "s," so learn something about good GRAMMAR! Keep up the good work, shiny grey monotone!

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