Monday, November 15, 2010

mr. wrong - 10.29.92 - the spectrum - winnepeg,canada

what you get here is nomeansno bassist rob wright gettin' his solo on

and that's all you get...a man and his bass

so if you're a fan of nomeansno...or the band dos (as found here)...just get to doin' what comes natural around these parts

1 - sitting on top of the world
2 - state of grace
3 - land of the living
4 - the river
5 - this wound will never heal
6 - who fucked who?

DL: mr. wrong@the spectrum


ACHAEANS said...

Huge thanks man! Unique as always..

You are feeding me with bass stuff ;-)

gUrdUlU said...

And you can find many more free music (Nomeansno live & weird music, noise, home-taping...) on my website - this dl comes from it!
You're free to share this file on your fantastic blog, of course.
Thanks for your work!

ACHAEANS said...

Thanks a lot my friend im goona share it for sure! Greetings from Hellas!

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