Monday, November 9, 2009

Turing Machine - Zwei - A Tribute To Jerry Fuchs pt. 1

Label: Frenchkiss
Year: 2004

I realize that folks don't swing by this blog for overwrought personal rants or outpourings of emotion, but when someone you know dies unexpectedly, it tends to bring out the softer side of a guy, so you'll just have to bear with me a second.
To the friends and family of Jerry Fuchs, I want to extend my condolences for their loss, it's a heartbreaking tragedy that someone so well loved, and someone so talented should pass away in the prime of their life. It's hard to imagine a more senseless turn of events.
There are plenty of eulogies much more eloquent than I could muster all over the internet, and a brief scan would give the uninitiated a pretty clear picture of the impact, both musically and personally, that Jerry had on those around him. For such a humble guy, he certainly cast a huge shadow, and his contributions to modern music will not be soon forgotten.
I will post a couple records that are related to Jerry Fuchs in some way, but I am starting with Turing Machine on the recommendation of James Joyce, since James, also a powerhouse drummer in his own right by the by, is of the opinion this might be the purest expression of Fuch's drumming. And it is hard to argue with this rhythm section, they swing when they need to swing, they pound when they need to pound, and they lay back in the cut when it's time to relax. All told though, it's the rhythm section, and most notably the drums that are propelling this album along.
Enjoy the music.
And, again, I know I'm just some dude out on the internet, but I urge you all to think about your friends and family today. Think about how lucky you are to have them in your life, and if you haven't reached out to someone in particular in a long time, don't hesitate. You never know, you just never know. 


drew.goodchild said...

i didnt know the dude, i live half way across the world (perth, australia) and news doesnt travel that fast around here but fuck, thats some sad news. i always wondered if new turing machine stuff would appear outta nowhere, cos that'll make me happy. what a drummer, and now I can add 'well loved guy' to my mental landscape of this band and this geezer.
get yr rock pants on, indeed.

cdb said...

I'm not sure any song he played on better exemplifies Jerry's powerful, complex, robotic pounding as well as "Bitte Baby, Bitte" from this record.

PETE said...

I fucking love this album

zokuchou said...

Sorry to hear it buddy, and certainly a bizarre way to go.

WilliamFlipper said...

I didnt know before read this post. Well.. there is nothing to add at the gray`s post.

lms said...

hey man, dude out on the internet: honestly, thanks for that heartfelt message. you are so right. and thanks for sharing this excellent music.

peskypesky said...

i didn't know Jerry, but I'm a former Williamsburg musician myself, and the news just bummed me out. terrible news.

peskypesky said...

this is my first time hearing him...and yeah, he's a fantastic drummer.

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