Sunday, November 29, 2009


Released: 1992
Label: Trance Syndicate

Thought I would post this due to the interest of previous posts here. The CD contains one track from the single and I originally bought this based on the strength of the tracks from the "Love & Napalm" compilation. However the album is a little "hit & miss" for me. The 2nd track on the CD makes you think that your listening to an acid house track from the late eighties. I guess this was a precursor of what their 2nd album (Offspeed and In There) was going to be like. However there are still a few tracks on here akin to the earlier releases.



Gray said...

Never saw this release, thanks for posting. And thanks for all the other stuff you've been posting. Hopefully you'll stick around longer than most of the other posters have managed to.

Hail Zokuchou!

julius orange said...

do you happen to have "off speed and in there"? that album is great!

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