Friday, November 13, 2009

pissed jeans - 7.12.08 - sub pop's 20th anniversary festival - marymoor park - redmond,wa

and now in the spirit of grAy's posting of the pissed jeans...

apparently you could've gotten this very thing by pre-ordering their KING OF JEANS album from sub pop...but i've saved you the trouble of having to travel back in time to do so (you can also find the above mentioned album hiding somewhere on this turn out the lights and put on those night vision goggles)

1 - pleasure race
2 - i'm sick
3 - caught licking leather
4 - secret admirer
5 - ashamed of my cum
6 - don't need smoke to make myself disappear
7 - love clown
8 - i've still got you (ice cream)
9 - closet marine
10 - boring girls

DL: pissed jeans@sub pop's 20th

1 comment:

Cara said...

All i have to say is... holy shit, thanks for posting this. I was at this show and it rocked.

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