Thursday, November 5, 2009

Peeping Tom - S/T

Well, I'm not going to try and put one over on you - this is by no means Patton's best work. It is, however, a really interesting and good album. There are a couple of cheesy lyrics and the like but this is definitly the kind of album you can play while driving around or something.. and it might make you feel really ballin' if you turn the bass up really high. I would put this album above Faith No More and below Tomahawk and Mr. Bungle on the Mike Patton meter. Assuming there is a Mike Patton meter. If there was, the bad side of it would still be good compared to most other music so take this for what it is - one of Patton's many experiments - and enjoy!
1. Five Seconds (featuring Odd Nosdam)
2. Mojo (featuring Rahzel + Dan the Automator)
3. Don't Even Trip (featuring Amon Tobin)
4. Getaway (featuring Kool Keith)
5. Your Neighborhood Spaceman (featuring Jel + Odd Nosdam)
6. Kill The DJ (featuring Massive Attack)
7. Caipirinha (featuring Bebel Gilberto)
8. Celebrity Death Match (featuring Kid Koala)
9. How U Feelin? (featuring Doseone)
10. Sucker (featuring Norah Jones)
11. We're Not Alone (Remix) (featuring Dub Trio)


Wanderlusting said...

I love PT - and really hope it comes up with a new CD though knowing him it will take on some other name and form.

I do have a Mike Patton meter though but I have to put PT at:

4.Peeping Tom

(then Lovage, General Patton, Kaada and Fantomas) :)

harvey said...! no more
3.peeping tom

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