Saturday, November 7, 2009

jawbox & tar - static 7"

released 1993

this one goes out to "youngbroose"

this isn't one that you were looking for (though it was released through touch and go)...but there are probably a few out there that may have nips harden a little at the sight of this

this has jawbox covering a song by tar called "static"

and then tar covers a song by jawbox called "static"

the only difference is that the tar cover is done live

and i'm not going to go into the whole who jawbox/tar've been coming to this blog long enough to know already

so yeah...

DL: static


julius orange said...

one of the few jaxbox releases i dont have. thanks!

youngbroose said...

Awesome. Thanks Ipecac!

Elvis said...

Dang Man! - Great post but Static done by Tar skips!

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